sk your doc will see you now


The Saskatchewan Medical Association, Section of Family Practice, and Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians have partnered for the Your Family Doctor Will See You Now Campaign.

Family physicians in Saskatchewan have adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic by offering phone and video appointments. These new virtual appointment options are patient-centered and consistent with a model of care called the Patient’s Medical Home.

Seeing a family doctor regularly has been shown to improve a person’s health outcomes and reduce their reliance on hospital care. Your family doctor is able to provide better care over time because they know you and your medical history and have full access to your health records.

A pair of videos featuring Saskatchewan family doctors are aimed at reminding patients that — despite the COVID-19 pandemic — they can still have their health concerns addressed by their family physician -- by telephone, video chat, or in-person.


Why see a family doctor?

High-quality primary care is the key to a strong, effective healthcare system. Having a family doctor is the best way to ensure you receive continuous, comprehensive primary care. As your first point of contact in the healthcare system, family physicians act as the central hub for managing your health and the health of your family.

Where to find a Family Doctor?

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has updated lists of family physicians taking patients in your community.

More information about COVID-19

Visit the Saskatchewan Government website for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19.

Inspiring A Shared Vision

Celebrating family physicians is happening all across Canada! We are inspired by the work of our sister chapters—the British Columbia College of Family Physicians, Alberta College of Family Physicians, Ontario College of Family Physicians, Nova Scotia Chapter of Family Physicians, and by the work of Doctors Nova Scotia’s Your Doctors.