Family Doctor Day

Committee Information

We are always looking for members to get involved! If you would like to be a part of planning and delivering an excellent program to fellow members, please contact our office at [email protected] or call 306.655.7714.

FFYFP Committee

The Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians (SCFP) supports new family physicians through the First Five Years in Family Practice (FFYFP) Committee.

Consisting of new family physician members from various areas in Saskatchewan, the FFYFP committee aims to specifically focus on areas that are important for family physicians in their first five years of practice.

Committee members:

Dr. Megan Clark, Chair
Dr. Lori Schramm
Dr. Kelsey Lazar
Dr. Christine Chang
Dr. Solveig Nilson
Dr. Brady Bouchard
Dr. Kristin Bonkowski
Dr. Sarah Penny

FFYFP Committee Terms of Reference – Click Here

Honours and Awards Committee

To recognize, celebrate and support family physicians, family medicine residents, medical students and others committed to education, research, and excellence in the practice of family medicine.

Committee membership will be comprised of past honourees and Past Presidents of the SCFP who will represent a broad knowledge of the communities of practice in the province – there will be seven members including the chair.

Committee members:

Dr. Kathy Lawrence, Chair
Dr. Rizqi Ibrahim
Dr. Nora McKee
Dr. Sally Mahood

Honours and Awards Committee Terms of Reference – Click Here

FMC Planning Committee

The purpose of the SCFP’s ASA Planning Committee, is to develop and deliver a high-quality program for the Annual Scientific Assembly Conference that meets the organization’s mission to provide exceptional educational programs for our members.

This Committee is comprised of 6-10 members, who are in good standing with the College. Committee membership strives to reflect a diverse scope of practice for Family Physicians as well as a diverse scope of geographic practice settings.

Committee members:

Dr. Cathy MacLean, Chair
Dr. Indy Das
Dr. Myles Deutscher
Dr. Aaron Friggstad
Dr. Johann Kriegler
Dr. Hasan Moolla
Dr. Paula Schwann
Dr. Erin Selzer

FMC Planning Committee Terms of Reference – Click Here

Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) Committee

In 2011, the CFPC (College of Family Physicians Canada) presented the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) as its vision for the future of family practice in Canada. The goal of this initiative is for every family practice in each community across Canada to be able to offer comprehensive, coordinated, and continuing care to their populations through a family physician working with health care teams.

The purpose of the SCFP’s PMH Committee is to provide promote an d advance the concept of the Patient’s Medical Home in Saskatchewan.

Committee members:

Dr. Ginger Ruddy, Chair
Dr. Danielle Cutts
Dr. Emmett Harrison
Dr. Cathy MacLean
Dr. Janet Tootoosis
Dr. Sarah Bates
Dr. Barb Konstantynowicz
Dr. Caitlyn Davidson
Dr. Kali Gartner
Andrea MacKay

PMH Committee Terms of Reference – Click Here

Nominating Committee

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to provide quality leadership for the Saskatchewan College of Family Physicians, in the form Board of Directors. This is done through evaluation of the board’s strengths and weaknesses, the identification of potential board members, and the ongoing training and education of board members.

Committee members:

Dr. Danielle Cutts, Chair
Dr. Brian Gellar
Dr. Wener Oberholzer

Nominating Committee Terms Of Reference – Click Here

Finance and Audit Committee

The purpose of the Finance and Audit Committee is to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to financial planning, the audit process, financial reporting, and to make recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval.

Committee members:

Dr. Andries Muller, Chair
Dr. Myles Deutscher
Dr. Mark Cameron
Dr. Danielle Cutts

Finance and Audit Committee Terms of Reference – Click Here

SOO Prep Working Group

SCFP is now offering a prepatory course for the CFPC Certification Exam! The SOO Prep Course will be offered twice per year, spring and fall, and open to all candidates who are eligible to sit for the CFPC Certification Exam.

Working Group members:

Dr. Anne Doig
Dr. Shanna Olson
Dr. Megan Clark
Dr. Carla Barkman
Dr. Fawzy Girgis
Dr. Yosra Mohsen
Dr. Effie Savoy
Dr. Edward Tsoi